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Luxury House Full Renovation

Welcome, where you can witness the extraordinary transformation achieved by PCB Design & Construction in revitalizing a historic residence in West Vancouver. Our dedicated team of designers and builders painstakingly crafted every detail, seamlessly transforming this aging property into a breathtaking sanctuary for a young couple's dreams to flourish.


Experience the extraordinary transformation of your kitchen into a haven of culinary delight. With floor heating providing luxurious comfort, indulge in the enchanting ambiance of tranquility. A stunning stone countertop island and new cabinets await, seamlessly accommodating your refrigerator, microwave, and kitchen essentials. Every detail meticulously curated, elevating your cooking experience. Discover the allure of expert craftsmanship, merging beauty and functionality. Boundaries dissolve as you step into a captivating kitchen oasis, where dreams take shape.

Structural Challenge

Unleash the allure of your home with an extraordinary transformation! Our skilled experts break free from the confines of your kitchen's walls, ensuring structural integrity and safety. Witness the symphony of design and functionality as barriers crumble, inviting radiant light and breathing new life into every corner. Elevate everyday living with our harmonious blend of elegance and innovation. Trust in our unwavering commitment to deliver a captivating masterpiece that surpasses expectations. Embrace the freedom to reimagine your space, indulging in boundless possibilities. Let your revitalized kitchen shine as a testament to our exceptional craftsmanship. Step into a future where ingenuity knows no bounds, and be enchanted by the seamless interplay of style and functionality. Welcome to a world where barriers crumble, allowing your home to bask in its luminous transformation. Embrace the extraordinary, where your desires come to life in a symphony of design, craftsmanship, and magnificence. Experience the magic of a home reborn, where the allure of possibility knows no limits.

Wonderful Basement

Experience the remarkable transformation of an outdated basement into a captivating and modern space! The old, dreary ambiance with dark colors, worn-out carpet, and tired decor is a thing of the past. Behold the stunning metamorphosis as we embrace the allure of beautiful white stone and bright, vibrant hues, breathing life into every corner.

With meticulous craftsmanship, we have created exquisite and stylish wooden accents, elevating this space to new heights of elegance. The result? An energizing and contemporary sanctuary that exudes positivity and sophistication.

Step into a world where the mundane is left behind, and indulge in the extraordinary. Witness the seamless fusion of beauty and functionality as this once-tiresome basement becomes a haven of inspiration and rejuvenation. Immerse yourself in a modern oasis that ignites your senses and revitalizes your spirit.

Beautiful and Charming

Experience the transformative power of precision, expertise, and passion as we turn even the most challenging spaces into vibrant havens. Our meticulous attention to detail and artistic designs breathe life into every project. Immerse yourself in a captivating ambiance, where savoring a cup of tea feels perfectly harmonious. Let us unlock the hidden potential of your space, infusing it with extraordinary beauty and functionality. Join us on a transformative journey where dullness fades, replaced by a burst of color, life, and joy. Indulge in the fusion of taste, style, and passion as we create a sanctuary that resonates with your desires. Discover the enchantment that awaits, where every sip becomes an unforgettable experience.

The Living Room Is The Heart Of The Home .

Revitalize your living room, the heart of your home, and let its healthy pulse infuse your entire space with life and joy. With our expert touch, we'll replace worn-out wallpaper and introduce the most beautiful and modern wooden decor, transforming your home like never before. Trust us to create an inviting and vibrant living room, where cherished memories are made. Experience the magic as we breathe new life into every corner, ensuring a perfect balance of style and comfort. Discover the joy of a revitalized living space, where happiness thrives and inspiration blooms. Welcome to a transformed living room, where beauty, vitality, and joy unite.

Now witness the combination of expertise, experience, and passion.

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